Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why So Serious?

Writing the My Poor Husband blog has been a lot of fun!  I've been able to take some situations that really weren't fun and turn them into something funny and I've been able to laugh at myself in the process.  It helped me to be O.K. with myself and it has helped me to discover some thought-provoking links between these stories and some symptoms of ADD.  (I reject the word "disorder" by the way and with a passion!)

However, I have also come to realize that I have used this as a way to degrade myself first, before anyone else has a chance to.  While gaining acceptance of myself and my, shall we say, mishaps, I have defined myself by them.  So much so that people have started to expect the absent-mindedness and discount my intelligence.  Once my children began seeing me as the parent who always did the stupid stuff and began to comment on my comparative lack of intelligence, I realized that I have been painting a picture of myself that is very incomplete.  The only person to blame is me.

And so I quit writing.  Granted, I've had less to write about, but instead of it being a time to laugh at myself in a healthy way, my posts became "proof" that I was a defect.  That is no laughing matter.

There have been times when I felt inspired to write, but those posts were of a serious nature.  One or two serious posts is perhaps a nice break as far as managing a blog goes, but My Poor Husband was no longer living up to its theme.   And so I have created this blog, Seriously Though.  (  At Seriously Though I can express myself without being tied to humor or mishaps and...maybe...people can see that "Rachael" is not defined as: one who does stupid stuff.  Rather, I can show that "Rachael" cannot be defined by one thing.  Rachael is: one who has many parts that make up the whole of what God created and intended.

Check here from time-to-time and see another thread in the tapestry of Rachael.

Ugh, that was cheesy.

Check here from time-to-time to discover what other colors are in the painting of Life with Rachael.

Ok, that was lame, too.  Just check back.

Seriously, though.